Illustration and Visual Development for the Entertainment Industry- Summer school sessions

Over the last few years I have observed the progress of students both during and after art school, specifically those on commercial art courses. My feeling is that, while students are taught some good creative-thinking skills, the courses tend to ignore the basic skills and knowledge related to composition, colour, drawing and digital techniques – yet my experience tells me that you need to develop these skills to be successful when you join the ‘real world’. The art scene is increasingly competitive and you will want to be the best artist possible by the time you graduate. I will teach you commercially viable skills through a combination of talks, portfolio reviews, guidance and access to my own art library to help you take your skills to a new level and to complement your art school classes.




A chance for me to obtain a quick overview of everyone and for us all to get comfortable.


The subject of this first session will be ‘No such thing as talent!’.

I will talk about:

  • The myth of talent and how it can hold you back.
  • Making hard work, effective work – how to focus your art time on getting better.
  • Beyond your comfort zone – expanding your horizons. What art to look at and ways to look at it.
  • ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ – rethinking ‘stealing’ and what constitutes originality.

We will discuss the ideas, exercises and see in what direction the discussion takes us.

Portfolio reviews

During this session I will undertake short reviews of your current work and offer some feedback, exercises and areas on which to focus. We will do more extensive versions of this later. For now I want to know at what stage you are all at in order for me to understand what areas we need to focus on and to provide you with a starting point from which to begin improving your work over the summer. During this one-on-one period, the other students can either take a break or look through my large collection of art books.


After the workshop I will review my thoughts and your feedback and we can jointly decide on a new topic for a future session. Obviously the summer is a difficult time to arrange availability for everyone so we can work that out as a group.


The 1/2 day workshop will cost €25 per person for up to 6 people. I will reduce the cost to €20pp if there are 8 people in the session. I will provide some drinks and snacks.

Register your interest by June 30th

After I receive you message I will link you to a date picker for a class in early July. 

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I am Roland, a commercial artist from London and living in Utrecht. I studied Fine Art at Central St Martins in London. I took a long and winding route to eventually become an illustrator and visual development artist. Although I would describe myself as self-taught, I have learned an immense amount from the companies I have worked with. I have worked on AAA computer games, books, animations, web content and board games, among other things. Art is a lifelong learning experience, so I am improving my skills daily. I believe I have learned enough to teach you some essential skills and to point you in the right direction to accelerate your growth.