Since October I have been working on on a great project that is very exciting. I can't wait to share it with you but I won't be done until April and then if I am lucky I will be able to show you something around July. Don't hold your breath though :P

In the meantime... to keep fresh creatively on the long project and to do some character work I started redesigning the Cluedo character cards. I had the idea to show two side of the characters and mimic the royalty cards in a normal playing card deck. I am pretty pleased with the idea and the results so far.



As the project is going so well I am planning to complete the whole set including room and weapon cards. I plan on getting a batch printed when I am done. I will get a few weeks off between contracts soon so I hope to make a be push then. In the meantime you can follow the development process over on my Behance page -


Sexton Blake - the game is back on!

I Started this web/app comic project with writer friend Kate Watson quite a while ago. A very hectic year n' half put it on the back burner. Finally I have nothing scheduled for a while so this is back at the top of my to do list. This is Chapter one and it is close to completion! Really I want to have a large part of chapter 2 done before releasing it though... Watch this space.