New Project Page - Suspicion

I have just added a new project page. It is for the Suspicion/Cluedo mod I have been working on. You can see all of the final content and some background info to the project. It will be updated at the end of the summer with photographs of the printed version.

I received a print version this week but the printer made a mistake with the coating. I don't know how long it will be before I can send out copies to my clients. Hopefully in time for the end of summer. 

Rooms & Quotes


Room Development

Started the Room cards before finishing the characters so everything can be balanced against everything else. I really wasn't sure how I wanted to tackle these but once I started sketching the dramatic composition just made sense. Balancing the style with the characters presents a few challenges but the conservatory feels right to me so I am on the right track.


I have also been getting some quotes for production costs and thinking about how to make this an effective business mail out. If you want to be on that mailing list sign up on the contact page.




Since October I have been working on on a great project that is very exciting. I can't wait to share it with you but I won't be done until April and then if I am lucky I will be able to show you something around July. Don't hold your breath though :P

In the meantime... to keep fresh creatively on the long project and to do some character work I started redesigning the Cluedo character cards. I had the idea to show two side of the characters and mimic the royalty cards in a normal playing card deck. I am pretty pleased with the idea and the results so far.



As the project is going so well I am planning to complete the whole set including room and weapon cards. I plan on getting a batch printed when I am done. I will get a few weeks off between contracts soon so I hope to make a be push then. In the meantime you can follow the development process over on my Behance page -