Ruthless artwork overhauled

I am preparing to take my own game Ruthless to Essen this year. Essen is the worlds biggest games fair. So it will be a pretty exciting adventure. Last week I took the game to a local convention. The game and the artwork got a lot of love there. I spent the previous week redoing a lot of the drawings and adding some finishing touches.

3 games on the go

There are two personal projects and one big client project underway at the moment. So every hour is filled with drawing designing and problem solving. It is all good fun! You can follow me on Instagram to get more regular updates on these.

More progress on Pirate card game

New Skills and Distractions

The illustrations above are a bit of a side project... distraction. As if I didn't have enough going on with the board game I am working on with Identity Games and my own pirate game. I watched a review of Battle Line. An interesting two player card game. The artwork is so ugly though I just can't consider buying it! So I decided to redesign the cards, GMT, the publisher were interested but sadly have decided to stick with the cards you see to the right. I am thinking of writing a proper article about ugly artwork in games and how it affects the experience. Watch this space. In the meantime I plan to finish my set for a personal edition.



New Skill - Sketch Up - 

I am also illustrating an expansion to the Escape Room board game I worked on earlier this year. I decided for this board to try out mocking up the room in Sketch Up. I have been thinking of doing this over a number of projects and finally sat down and Learned the tools. It has been very useful and I am sure I will use it again. It enables me to offer the client a lot more possibilities, a lot quicker and get to an ideal solution. I can't show too much of the work yet but here is a quick look at the process.