New Skills and Distractions

The illustrations above are a bit of a side project... distraction. As if I didn't have enough going on with the board game I am working on with Identity Games and my own pirate game. I watched a review of Battle Line. An interesting two player card game. The artwork is so ugly though I just can't consider buying it! So I decided to redesign the cards, GMT, the publisher were interested but sadly have decided to stick with the cards you see to the right. I am thinking of writing a proper article about ugly artwork in games and how it affects the experience. Watch this space. In the meantime I plan to finish my set for a personal edition.



New Skill - Sketch Up - 

I am also illustrating an expansion to the Escape Room board game I worked on earlier this year. I decided for this board to try out mocking up the room in Sketch Up. I have been thinking of doing this over a number of projects and finally sat down and Learned the tools. It has been very useful and I am sure I will use it again. It enables me to offer the client a lot more possibilities, a lot quicker and get to an ideal solution. I can't show too much of the work yet but here is a quick look at the process. 

Prototypes and drawing into the night

Whilst I am busy with the concept stage for the card art, I am also working out refinements to the game design. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to make this game. One of the things I really like about illustration is the problem solving. Designing this game is that but ten fold. Keeps me on my toes and is a great learning experience. Nice to have my cat along for company.

Escape! On no actually there is more to do...

Over the winter I illustrated a variety of game boards and numerous other assets for this new and ambitious Escape room board game project. I worked closely with the design team at Identity Games, not just to deliver exciting illustrations but also to help with problem solving and refining the look and feel of the whole project. The game is now at the manufacturers. I am eagerly awaiting a copy.

This week I begin work on the first of two expansions. Looking forward to getting my teeth into that!



It was a pleasure working with you on our biggest (and most difficult) project ever! Always thinking with us to find the best solutions and always accurate and on time. We are very happy working together! 

Marijke Otto - Board Game Developer at Identity Games



Setting Sail

First rough colour concept - I like the idea that each set of cards forms a panorama.

First rough colour concept - I like the idea that each set of cards forms a panorama.

I have just begun a new card game. I am busy researching all things pirate and doing some concept work for the look and feel. It is a much over done and cliched theme. So I am going to have to bring something exciting to the mix to keep it fresh... I wonder what that will be ...

I will make occasional posts here but if you are interested in following my progress, I will be updating this Behance WIP page.



Movidrome V

This is one of the first jobs I have done that came directly out of the Suspicion promo. This album cover project was a perfect match. The design is for a collection of music that is, hitchcock-esque and that era. The project was finished in February but should be availiable by the end of the month

The client is Imagem Music Production. I have done a few projects (1,2) with them now and they are always fun and creative.

New Projects in Portfolio

This week I added two new projects to my Portfolio. Both came via dutch studio Clever°Franke. The opportunity to work on a project for Google was great and the project itself was both innovative and engaging. Working on digital watercolour was also an interesting challenge and a great chance to do some experimentation on the job. 

Google - Interactive Video wall

Taste Profiling - Illustrations