Clever°Franke designed and developed a gesture-controlled game to engage visitors in the role the smartphone plays in our day-to-day lives. A playful illustrational style was developed by me, to feel accessible, friendly without becoming childish or comic-like and consistent with Google’s brand guidelines.

Google’s innovation centre‘The Foundry’receives visitors from all over the world so countless assets were created to combine and cover the 20 different countries and multiple combinations present in the research. The assets consist of background illustrations, shops, street furniture, numerous characters, and their clothing combinations. Google employees from various countries were contacted to get realistic names and typographic styles for store fronts. This way all countries are represented in a convincing way, appealing to the different nationalities who visit The Foundry. In combination with the very large screen, it creates an overall immersive experience for the visitor.

Explanation video produced by Clever°Franke

Modular Character Designs

Characters from various cultures and climates were designed in a modular way to create a large pool. Colours were chosen to be sympathetic to the Google brand.



Development of the World Style

Many iterations of the game environments were tried and tested to get a readable style that is also inviting and accessible. 

The final scheme is largely monochromatic to allow the characters and the overlaid interface to stand out. A single bold colour dominates for each of the four regions. These regions are divided by climate which is echoed in the colour choices. 

20 Countries

As you can see from the video above the game visits a variety of locations. The cities are presented in multi layered scrolling parallax. Regions were colour co-ordinated and background and foreground elements were designed for each area to add flavour.